Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – Lista completa de troféus

platina pqn
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ouro pqn
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prata pqn
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  • 42



My Living Legacy
Acquired all trophies.
Embrace Your Dreams
Cleared the Prologue.
He Wouldn’t Betray Us
Cleared Chapter 1.
We’re Not Monsters
Cleared Chapter 2.
Angels Dream of One Thing
Cleared Chapter 3.
Where Did Everyone Go?
Cleared Chapter 4.
Protect Your SOLDIER Honor
Cleared Chapter 5.
Did Genesis Really Die?
Cleared Chapter 6.
I May Abandon Shinra
Cleared Chapter 7.
I’ll Come Visit
Cleared Chapter 8.
We’ll All Be Heroes
Cleared Chapter 9.
Thanks to You, Zack
Cleared Chapter 10.
Come and Get It
Won a battle for the first time.
Prove Your Honor to Me
Performed a limit break for the first time.
Got Materia Fusion Down
Performed materia fusion for the first time.
Dealt 99,999 damage to an enemy.
Limit Break Collector
Obtained all DMW images.
DMW Master
Achieved 100% progress for all DMW.
Missions Completed: 25%
Completed 25% of all missions.
Missions Completed: 50%
Completed 50% of all missions.
Missions Completed: 75%
Completed 75% of all missions.
Mission Completionist
Completed 100% of all missions.
Shop Completionist
Unlocked all shops.
Mail Completionist
Received mail from all senders.
Genji Equipment
Collected all Genji equipment.
Hero of the Wutai War?
Received highest evaluation from Lazard for Assault on Fort Tamblin.
Fan Club Aficionado
Joined every fan club.
Master Mako Stone Miner
Prevented the Materia Room from being shut down.
Banora Treasures
Collected all items and arrived at Angeal’s house before the Banora airstrike.
Everyone’s Hero
Saved everyone calling for help during the assault on the Shinra Building in Chapter 3.
First-Rate SOLDIER
Defeated all virtual data in the Training Room.
Precise Restoration
Achieved 100% recovery with the Mako Recovery Unit.
Of Significant Worth
Judged by Hojo to be a “SOLDIER member of significant worth” in the Fusion Chamber.
Cell Raider
Checked all cells on the 67th floor of the Shinra Building.
Wutai’s Nemesis
Caught all the Wutai spies that had infiltrated Midgar.
Fan Club Savior
Helped every fan club continue their activities.
Midgar Full of Flowers
Constructed every flower wagon type.
Seven Wonders Expert
Learned about all of Nibelheim’s Seven Wonders.
Cage Opener
Opened the path to the Cage of Binding.
Cut down every incoming shell.
Master Blender
Blended a perfume with the perfect amount of oil.
Guessed the exact number in the number-guessing game.
Rated to have “godlike speed” in collecting materia.
Shinra’s Squats Champion
Achieved victory against the SOLDIER 2nd Class in the physical fitness test.
Master Infiltrator
Infiltrated the mako excavation facility without being discovered once.
Immovable Object
Defeated all enemies in Defense of the Junon Perimeter.
Zack the Sniper
Did not allow a single gun bull head to escape while sniping.
Waterfall Chaser
Collected ten chests coming down the waterfall in the hills of Gongaga.
Good Match For Aerith
Told by Bruno that you and Aerith “make a good couple.”
Divine Rule Broken
Defeated Minerva.
SOLDIER of Legend
Cleared the game in Hard Mode.



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