Lost Judgment – Lista completa de troféus do game

platina pqn
  •  1
ouro pqn
  •  4
prata pqn
  • 3
bronze pqn
  • 40


Master Detective
Obtained all other trophies.
The Game is Afoot
Resolved Keiko’s dilemma.
The First Penguin
Stopped the bullying at Seiryo High School.
Trending Video
Completed Chapter 4.
Unexpected Guests
Completed Chapter 6.
All Are Punished
Completed Chapter 7.
To Survive
Completed Chapter 8.
Lessons Taught
Completed Chapter 9.
The Mole
Completed Chapter 11.
Scales of Justice
Completed Chapter 12.
The Cycle is Broken
Thank you for playing to the end!
Legendary Detective
Beat the main story on the highest difficulty.
Hop, Step, Rabbits
Completed the investigation of the dance club.
Revenge of the Nerds
Completed the investigation of the robotics club.
Everybody Can Change
Completed the investigation of the boxing gym.
Born to Ride
Completed the investigation of the biker gang.
High School Drama
Completed the investigation of the Professor.
On the Case
Cleared 10 Side Cases.
Private Eye
Cleared 30 Side Cases.
Elementary, My Dear
Cleared all Side Cases (not including DLC).
Kick Flip
Got the skateboard for free.
Made one enemy surrender.
A Man Among Amons
Defeated the opponent who makes the final request.
Very Observant
Find ten targets in Observation Mode.
Receiving Signals
Find ten targets with the Detector.
Find ten targets with the Noise Amp.
Who’s a Good Boy?
Find ten targets with the dog.
Irresistible Charm
Asked out by a girl.
Skill Dabbler
Obtained 30 skills.
Skill Pro
Obtained 100 skills.
Skill Master
Obtained all skills.
TownGo Casual
Completed 30 stores in TownGo’s Shop Missions.
TownGo Whale
Completed all of TownGo’s Shop Missions.
TownGo Tourist
Completed 20 TownGo City Missions.
TownGo Tour Guide
Completed all TownGo City Missions.
TownGo Freshman
Completed ten TownGo School Missions.
TownGo Senior
Completed all TownGo School Missions.
TownGo Master
Achieved 100% completion of TownGo. Wow!
An Ounce of Prevention
Obtained all equipment.
Skate or Die
Obtained all skateboards.
Sweet Jams
Obtained all records.
Bad Fur Day
Completed all of Squirrel Search.
The Aviator
Won first place in every Grand Prix drone race.
Party Star
Clear all of the stages in Dice & Cube.
No Blind Spots in Any Direction
Completed the final stage of Aircelios.
Yagami Pro Skater
Get first place on the final course of the skateboard race.
Suffer Like G Did
Obtained 50 pickups in Hama of the Dead.
The Gamer Life
Played every arcade game.
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