Windbound – Lista completa de troféus do game

platina pqn
  •  1
ouro pqn
  •  6
prata pqn
  • 7
bronze pqn
  • 17


Blown Away!
Earn every trophy in Windbound.
Speed Racer
Go over 30m/s for 3 seconds
Sharp Shooter
Kill one of each land creature using only headshots.
Green Thumb
Collect 1000 grass
Rock ‘n’ Roll
Collect 1000 rocks.
Infinity Stones
Find one of each colored gem in a single playthrough.
Finish The Game
Finish the game.
Have 5000 in unspent meta currency.
One Craft to Craft Them All
Craft one of every item in the game.
Master Chef
Craft one of each food recipe.
Boaty McBoatface
Craft one of each boat part.
Craft one of each article of clothing.
Finish the game without crafting any weapons or killing any creatures.
Finish the game without eating any meat.
Finish the game without eating anything but meat.
Baggage Claim
Finish the game without crafting any bags or containers.
Up Close and Personal
Finish the game using only melee weapons.
Keep Your Distance
Finish the game using only ranged weapons.
Back to Basics
Finish the game only using the knife, grass sling, rocks, stick spear, stick bow and stick arrows.
Ocean Explorer
Travel 100 km by boat
Island Hopper
Visit 100 islands.
Pro Skater
Get 2 seconds of airtime with a boat
Build a boat with 3 decks.
Have a boat with a drying rack, clay kiln and cooking pot all cooking at once.
Flower Power
Fill your inventory with flowers
Eagle Eye
Land a hit with a bow from 50 meters away
Drop Zone
Survive an otherwise deadly fall by using the Bastion Bow’s protection.
It’s Dangerous To Go Alone
Have 7 spears in your inventory
Go 5 minutes without fully recovering your stamina.
Go for Gold
Swim 100m without dying.
No more Mr. Knife Guy
Kill one of each land creature using only the knife.
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